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Art Boxed Set

Art Boxed Set

Alpha Omega Publications 2000 Paperback

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Retail: $79.95
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Product Description

The LifePac Curriculum... Features 10 worktexts per subject that integrate text with activities into easily-managed sections. Ensures ease of use for both teacher and student and eliminates the need for a lesson planning. Provides a substantial cost-savings over hardbound texts. Gives the teacher a clear idea of the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. LIFEPAC GOLD is a complete Christ-centered curriculum for grades 1-12 (K is available in Language Arts & Math only) with five core subjects: Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science. Each subject is organized into convenient "work-text" units that combine text, exercises, projects, review questions, and a complete testing process in one workbook. Ten LIFEPAC's make up one year's study in each subject.

This full-color curriculum is designed to help students truly master the content and skills of one unit before progressing on to the next. Students achieve mastery learning at three levels. LIFEPAC's will help students to develop higher-level thinking and reasoning skills, and present Scriptural truths and principles, providing an opportunity for parents to challenge their children spiritually as well as academically.

As the teacher, you guide your child through the pre-designed lessons. You chart your child's academic growth through parent-directed activities, self-tests, and final unit tests.

LIFEPAC curriculum also incorporates independent projects for students so that they will have an opportunity to use and demonstrate the skills they have learned. The student is challenged to think and develop independent learning skills and self-discipline.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
  • ISBN: 0740301756
  • ISBN-13: 9780740301759
  • UPC: 9780740301759
  • SKU: 0740301756
  • Release Date: April 2000
  • Format: Paperback
  • Binding: Other
  • Print Size: 0
  • Height: 3.85 inches
  • Width: 9.35 inches
  • Length: 11.50 inches
  • Weight: 3.90 pounds
  • Series Name: Lifepac